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Have you ever experienced this? You are trying to edit your photos then accidentally you come up with variety of actions that you find amusing that at the end you can no longer decide which are you going to use? It kinda annoys me when these things happen -  staring at your computer, going over and over with your actions but still you cannot decide what to use ‘cuz you just can’t gawd d*mn let go of the others. 

There is also this one time, actually most of the time when I cannot get myself satisfied, though I’ve tried so many tricks and adjustments already. It totally annoys me. There are some  instances when it makes me wanna scream on my screen because there’s this time when you produced so much and you’re like “save-save-save-save” and then the next time you’re  like “argh, undo-delete-undo-delete” Sucks right?

Now I really can’t decide which action to choose, help me please? Going Vintage:))

walaaaaahhhhh^__^ ‘coz I’m desperate to take up Multimedia Arts in the year 20_ _ :))

simplest [oh no, not] way of telling you that I’m freakishly bored