L .I .V .I .A .R .I .E

Hi! Call me OMI. Self proclaimed whizz. Photographer[enthusiast].Straight-forward.

Matagal ng tapos ang halloween… so?:))

Ako na ang walang magawa. Took this I think 2-3 years ago at my mom’s office. I used her mini round mirror, turned off the light, grabbed my phone then waallahhhhh. Oh eh sino naman ang tinakot ko kundi ang sarili ko lang diba, parang ewan lang. 

Gone mad with birds

An angry bird invaded my room/dresser! 

Yes, the other day when I arrived from my graveyard duty I found myself staring with this black tiny bird. I kept wondering how the hell did this thing happened to be in my room? Then I realized my 7 year old nephew who happens to be a huge fan of angry birds asked me the day after this if he can watch movie in my room. So yeah, he forget  his tiny toy in my room.

The thing is, I found myself laughing after that because when I to touched its head it keeps on moving left to right, left to right and so on. I think it took me atleast 10-12 seconds to realized that my head is already mimicking its move. LOL

You already:))

Ikaw na, ikaw na talaga ang may maraming pictures…LELS. As expected, kahirap naman kasi kung ikaw may hawak ng camera. Maraming pictures, oo marami talaga silang pictures..haha:)