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Hi! Call me OMI. Self proclaimed whizz. Photographer[enthusiast].Straight-forward.

69th day: younger bro’s ultimate comeback

They’re fighting!!! Haha, not:))

That moment when your younger brother pulls your hair and you cannot do anything else to fight back ‘cuz he is effin younger than you. I find this photo really funny, it reminds me that, teasing your little brother is a ‘no, no’ ‘cuz for sure your parents will be at your side 40%…roflol^__^

70th Day: textx2

That feeling when someone who haven’t texted you for a long time suddenly sends you with nonsense message, something like "da h*ll am I going to do with this?" Don’t do this again, it’s annoying!

72nd Day: Untitled

If I could just make you stay, but I cannot do anything else but to let you^~^

Just one request…please…please take care:)) *cheeeezzzz*