L .I .V .I .A .R .I .E

Hi! Call me OMI. Self proclaimed whizz. Photographer[enthusiast].Straight-forward.

64th day: Things ran randomly

Is it me just bored or is it because I’m missing you? Arg! Dunno, my mind works randomly when I’m idle. I can’t keep it from running random thoughts and reveries that I cannot find a clue on how to connect them, its just so random. Only one thing is certain, mostly, they keep on playing back things about you:)) chozzzzcheeezzzz

65th day: time traffic

Hooo!!! Ang bagal ng oras grabe, I keep on finding myself staring at it. Hanep yung small hand parang natraffic na ng bongang bonga, parang di na gumagalaw. Eto pa ha, I thought I took a long hours of sleep kasi feeling ko talaga ang haba ng tulog ko pero nung tinignan ko yung orasan parang nagnap lang kasi more or less 45mins lang tulog ko… parang ANYAREH? Ano yun? Kaazaaarrr talaga^~^

67th day: Birds are love

I’ve been stuck in the house for four days already, i’ve been sitting infront of my computer for six straight hours for four days already, i’ve been feeling so down and naive for four days already…*sigh* I need to unwind, to freshen my mind and to room around outside our house to shade my grayscale mood with more kicking colors. 

So, I went out and I’m glad I did ‘cuz I didn’t I wouldn’t able to meet this lovebirds. They just lighten my mood because they remind me of my lovebirds before given by best friend. That was my first ever aerial pet. At first, I didn’t want it because I’m not a good in taking care of any pet but it didnt took me too long to love and build patience in taking care of them. Though they’re gone now, that warm feeling that they’ve given to me is still here, still fresh.

68th day: Vague

I hate this feeling, vague. Before, I was so certain of what I feel, but when something really bad happened, things automatically changed. Don’t you hate it when you used to be  so connected with the things around you then suddenly at one point you just can’t help it but to ask yourself if are you still willing to embrace the things around you?  I  personally haven’t experienced such thing before that is why  I don’t trust my instinct hundred percent right now though I’m still giving a hard try with every clue that I come up with just to open myself into a realization, even if how deeply vague things are.