Ano tingin mo sa buhay , tires na pwede mo lang palitan pag naflat? Ano yun may reserba? Ah, ewan… Hmmmp

Basically, he can give you anything but his whole being. Even if how important you are to that person. Hayaan mo namang magtira siya para sa sarili niya don’t let your guy inflict  himself with disappointments - the more he give himself to you the more he gets hurt. Whatever your situation right now you have to accept the fact that you cannot keep conflict and heart breaks from happening that is why both of you need to keep yourself whole and firm.

"I am very much thankful and flattered if that’s your persective of living, but to tell you, I wont allow that, you have your own life to live, as well as mine to. I just know that at the end I can never be happy with it"

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