L .I .V .I .A .R .I .E

Hi! Call me OMI. Self proclaimed whizz. Photographer[enthusiast].Straight-forward.

This baby needs a new mommah😭

Authentic Dr. Martens
1460 smooth black
Us men-5
Us women-6
in cm-23

Reason for selling: di kasya sa akin, need to buy new one ASAP

Sms/vibe me for inquiries

Nothing matters anymore. Right now all I wanted is to be in my room, shut the door, curl into a ball, cry my heart out, get my eyes stung till i drown to slumber.

Its unbearable and what makes it even worst is that you’ve caused it

………and i just want to fade away and never come back


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I’m a grenade. One day I’m gonna blow up, and I dont want to hurt you

—Hazel Grace Lancaster